Warehousing and Supply Bases
We supply and operate warehousing, offices and supply bases across multiple industrial sectors. Operations may include security services (CCTV, lighting, fencing, access control, manned guarding, inventory control, alarms, planning and emergency response), facilities management (to include power generation, water, waste disposal, first aid, fire services, security, real estate management), built environment management (small works civil engineering and construction, maximising the utility of outside areas), and life support services (accommodation, food, leisure, transport).
Office, branch management and personnel
We supply serviced and dedicated offices, and individual staff or an entire complement of staff to include business development, quality control, banking, payroll, accounts and budgeting. We can subsume our identity within our clients and to offer a white label service, to include payroll management, payment of taxes and all registrations and licences.
We conduct freight forwarding within and across borders. This typically involves us being involved with each client’s international freight forwarder in the end to end management of clients’ goods. We can become the consignee, handle customs clearances, duty and duty deferment, organise and manage documentation, and negotiate with the destination country to enable sensitive and dangerous cargoes. We specialise in project logistics, and are integral to the implementation of our clients’ plans. This may require negotiations at senior government level, as well as practical field work requiring the co-operation and expertise of local people, construction, accommodation and transport.
Civil Engineering and Construction
We design, engineer and construct to international standards within local environments. We report with clarity, deliver within agreed timelines and to set budgets, with the correct quality controls and assurances combining local and international sign offs.
Personnel Support

We offer up to the full range of life support services which can include advice and management of in-country security, (whether by private contractors or government supplied or a hybrid), accommodation services whether in permanent or temporary accommodation, and whether for individuals or for entire third country national workforces, and transport solutions including provision of vehicles.

Project management and consulting
Our teams assess market entry opportunities, identify potential partners, suppliers and other local stakeholders, conduct pre-entry budgeting and planning, arrange and manage banking and cash movement, and shortlist local professional advisers. We manage logistics projects and contingency planning, the importance of which must not be underestimated, especially in nascent economies. We assist with government and community relations, and can maintain and develop commercial relationships to maximise business continuation, and to protect clients’ assets be they human, tangible such as property, stock and equipment, or intellectual.
Representations and agencies
We ensure our clients’ compliance, execution and marketing are properly converged in each country. We provide the conduit for clients’ aims, be that increased sales, tight inventory management, and local internal audits as well as business intelligence and market feedback.
Renewable energy
We provide renewable energy solutions, focused on frontier economies. Our services include feasibility assessments, project assembly, fund sourcing, project management, operations and maintenance.

Specialist services for challenging environments

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