About Us

Alfagates has performed at the leading edge of new markets since inception in the early 2000s.  Its first businesses were insurance broking and reconstruction contracting in immediate post-war Iraq.  Success came quickly, characterised by an overriding attention to detail and quality from its senior managers.  In fact, these hallmarks are used today in the selection of people for any role, be it a new member of staff, or to select a project manager.

As important is the support we provide to clients, whether they are our insured, or our trading counterparties.  Our collective responsibilities are to all stakeholders and we aim to continue to set the standard for integrity, functionality and value amongst our peers.

Likewise reconstruction contracting led to technical services support and project management for foreign Governments, supranationals and strategic investors, and we gained an expertise in support of natural resources economies, and nascent economies and governments.

The most recent natural progressions have been into the areas of cyber security and renewable energy for which we supply insurance products and project management services.