Alfagates provides diverse commercial support services for international investors, organisations and contractors in challenging environments.  Currently focused on Iraq, business is conducted with transparency and to international standards of excellence.  Emphasis is placed on social enterprise through maximization of local content, in combination with managing cultural and ethnic sensitivities.  Alfagates is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and actively embraces its principles. We believe firmly that delivery of these standards and principles will enable Alfagates, our clients and suppliers to achieve sustainable growth in all of our markets.

We provide the local content, local infrastructure, logistics and manpower to allow market entrants to focus on their core activities, and to support the realisation of their opportunities.  Local knowledge enables us to respond quickly and correctly to requests for infrastructure and service, anticipating and collaborating with clients to understand their current and future needs. 



Alfagates: Specialist Services for Challenging Environments

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